Wow, I was just reading the reviews on Khaosan and I’ve got to agree. This place is fantastic!

I saw it had opened several days ago and went with my wife for lunch that day, we’ve since been back for another visit today. Thus far we have tried seven dishes and each was delicious. And there are several more we want to try.

My favorite was the Ga Plohw, made Thai spicy, but the Mussamun Neuh was great too. My wife is partial to the Thohm Khaa Gaiy soup and the grilled squid appetizer. We’re looking forward to having the salmon with lime & garlic chili sauce and short ribs in soy vinaigrette soon. Yum.

This is not your typical Thai place. The food is lighter, fresher and bursting with flavors. Even with the spice I enjoy, there was a beautiful “under flavor” that was very prevalent even through the heat. The sauces are just wonderful, very unique and like none I’ve ever tried before. I don’t know much about Thai street food, but I do know it’s delicious.

The atmosphere is pleasant, but could do without the commercial radio. Pam, the server, is very gracious and excited about the food they offer. Prices are reasonable, which makes it affordable to try several dishes.

This is our new favorite place!

Okay, update… We’ve been back several more times. The music situation has improved tremendously, gone are the commercials every few minutes, replaced with very appropriate music.

I tried the salmon and it was grilled to perfection and paired with yet another of their tasty sauces. My wife had a special off-menu dish, bamboo, chicken, peppers… Just delicious. But a favorite is turning out to be the curry crab stir-fry.

Pam is making improvements all the time. Yesterday she brought out a chili tray, loaded with various forms of heat to add to your meal. She’s also expanding the deserts. Our 18 year old loves the Loh Thee. Yum!

Oh, we learned something important, Khaosan, shares the parking lot with the sushi restaurant next door, so there’s plenty of free parking available. Don’t risk the metered street parking like we were.

We’re very happy others seem to be enjoying it as much as we do.

Liam J.

This place is great!!! So excited to have GOOD Thai so close to home, especially with exceptional service. The food comes out ridiculously fast:D
We had the grilled squid, garlic chicken, fried beef balls, paht see ew, short ribs, and the fried curry pockets. We loved everything, but the garlic chicken was my fave. Will definitely be back!

Erin W.

I just picked up a whole mess of food and it was all great.  Even my picky young boys loved the fried chicken and paht see ew.  The curried crab was really good and I loved the khao soi.

Great new restaurant run by some really nice and friendly people.  Definitely should check it out and support!

Juan E.

Love this place! The cooks and workers are definitely the sweetest people I could have encountered. Very attentive and warm. The flavors featured are quite unique as any Thai food place is, sweet and savory, sour and mouthwatering, spicy kick. They have it all. There is truly something for everyone. Let the chef know your tastes to better acquaint you and how you’d like things cooked, you’ll never go wrong at this quaint place. The place is just starting up but I see a very bright future for this local hit. Will definitely continue coming!

Johlyn P.

The food was absolutely amazing. From the flavors to the presentation. All high quality and definitely a place to get a fantastic healthy meal. The staff is friendly and service is quick. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. I plan on being a regular! Thank you Khaosan for a perfect meal.

Ruthie S.

Excellent food – best Thai I’ve had in a long time! The fresh fruit salad with tamarind sauce was especially refreshing!!!

Kristina G.

I am a little hesitant writing a review because this place is so damn good. I have been there twice and each time it was great. I took so coworkers yesterday and they loved it. See you there!

David B.

Having just arrived home from Thailand I had to try the new Thai spot in the neighborhood. I was more the pleased. Had the grilled salmon, chicken paht Thai & vegtables with beef. All fresh and delicious. With not as manny options as Thai BBQ, this was a nice & authentic change.

Deanna D.

Great service and great food!
Came in for lunch and they were busy. Got helped very quickly and the food came out fast too!!

James C.

Had the broccoli with chicken and was impressed by the amount of flavor for a simple dish. The atmosphere and service is fantastic.

Joe N.

Already been here 3 times! Each time great. Pam and her partners are awesome! The Food is delicious, fast, service friendly and clean. Tried authentic things like the little lemongrass sausages, tuna salad, fish balls, can’t go wrong. They did a great job remodeling, too! Has a warm upscale feel. Get here before there’s a line around the block and hour wait for a table. Thank me later

Ray B.

This place is awesome. We had the thai tea, chicken sausage, grilled octopus and pad kee mao (drunken noodles). I usually judge a Thai place by its pad kee mao and they do it exceptionally well. The service is friendly and atmosphere is laid back. This is the best Thai in the valley, possibly LA. If you’re near West Valley/ Woodland Hills and hungry for Thai, look no further.

Phil M.

Not a big fan of Thai food to be honest but I’ll make an exception when I come here. Our host/ server made my family feel so welcomed I wish I can rate this experience a 6 and above. The portions were small but it was something I was able to get full from, then again I was eating a little bit from each plate that we’ve ordered. It was light and very delicious especially the khaon San Noodle.

Stephanie A.

Pam is awesome, so welcoming! I had the CURRIED CRAB STIR-FRY she recommended and it was made to perfection! My tummy was full and satisfied! Best Thai food I’ve had in awhile and I eat it often lol! Soooo happy it’s around the corner from me! I’ll be there often! Thank you, Pam!

Andrea R.

Very bomb place!  They were good with helping out is Vegans and even substituted their soy sauce for gluten free option for my girlfriend.  The food was awesome, the environment was perfect (scope the ceiling), and our service was really nice.  Will definitely becoming back.  Oh try the Durian sticky rice!!  Don’t be scared it’s delicious.

Christian B.

AWESOME AUTHENTIC THAI!! Wow was really impressed with the food, came out putting hot right off the wok. Service was so awesome and friendly. She wanted to take back an entire pile of rice because it had a couple grains of brown rice in it. Who does that these days! Everything was tasty BUT. Disappointed that they are taking khanom jeen off the menu because people don’t understand the texture. Otherwise will be eating here a lot!!

Henry L.

Love this place! My go to place for lunch. Very tasty food. I’ve had their beef basil fried rice. I can’t get enough.

Angie M.

This place is excellent and priced very fair. I would highly suggest it to anyone in the neighborhood. Pam is very nice and passionate about the business. She remembers her customers names. I will definitely keep coming here!

Sean R.

This place is soooo good! I’ve eaten Thai food from so many places and this place is absolutely the best. They are quick, fresh, and full of flavor.

Manjot S.

Great food. I called for a pickup order and had a few special request. The lady on the phone was very kind & helpful, and was just as pleasant in person.
Very clean, inviting spot. Food was great and reasonably priced. Check it out!!

Adonica "Sweet Dee*" S.

Super good!! LOVED the durian sticky rice! Also were very friendly and accommodating to my vegan and gluten free needs.

Madelyn K.

It is so wonderfully easy to be a vegetarian in the Valley!!! Brand new little Thai restaurant just opened up!!!! Khaosan is just west of Corbin on Ventura Blvd, at the corner of Jumilla. They serve Thai Street Food (they do serve meat, of course!). Intimate little place with take-out and casual dining. Tables outside or in.They boast smaller plates and affordable prices. I loved my mixed vegetables with tofu, made low-sodium!!!

Lawrence C.

Service and food were both great! Everything tastes as good as it looks. All of our dishes had so much and different kinds of flavors. They even brought out a vegetarian special for us! Definitely worth the try and definitely coming back 🙂

Giel G.

Outstanding Thai street food! We’re so happy they’re in our neighborhood. The food was super fresh and delicious – hands down the best Panang I’ve had. Also the mango sticky rice is not to be missed. The owner was incredibly gracious and accommodating about my family’s (ahem) complicated dietary restrictions. We’ll be back very soon!

Bridget K.

The food at khaosan is amazing!!!
The flavor is really good and the serving is plenty, loved it!!!
Pam is also an exelent person!!!

Jaime E.

Great place.  Papaya salad was perfect.  Crab fried rice had a lot of crab.  Apparently they listened to yelp and are open on Sunday’s.  Parking shared with the sushi place next door or in the back.  Pad see ew was flavorful and fresh.  Portions slightly smaller than other places but the quality makes up for it.

R K.

Very friendly staff. They walked us through the menu and made suggestions. It is their second day being open. The restaurant has nice tables and chairs. The food was really delicious. We had the pot stickers. They are pan fried. We also shared the Khaosan noodles. Wide rice noodles with meat, bean sprouts, and egg. Delicious food and great prices!

Liz S.

Portions are smaller but are big on flavor! Place is clean, has cute decor and friendly staff.

– Oxtail Soup – aromatic, light broth, tender meat…overall amazing!
– Lahb Salad (with chicken) – light, fresh
– Crab Fried Rice – delicious and flavorful
– BBQ Chicken – perfectly cooked, great sauce, enjoyed this with sticky rice ($2); was a hit with our 3 y/o toddler

– Steamed Mussels and Grilled Shrimp – subtle and goes great with the three blend chili sauce it comes with. We loved the sauce so much we kept asking for more of it
– Ga Plohw – good overall

Ordered to go:
Durian & Sticky Rice – good and was not overpowering as expected 🙂
Mango & Sticky Rice – mmmm 😛

Thu-Ha T.

This place is amazing. It is great for dine in or take out. The setting is cute and the food is delicious. Pam the server is amazingly sweet :). Overall great experience, will definitely come back

Vannaree N.

Such a great Thai food experience! You know it’s good when Thai people go there to eat… Plenty of vegetarian options! Eggplant with tofu was spicy but tasty, and you can never go wrong with yellow curry. Highly recommend the fried tofu as an appetizer!

Very attentive, friendly service, and dog friendly front patio! We will definitely be coming here again.

Paris B.

Love their stir fried crab curry! This is probably one of the best curries I’ve had in a long time. We also enjoyed the khaosan noodles, which were somewhat similar to pad thai but with wide noodles.

Theresa N.

The food is delicious! Nice portion sizes. My husband and I share our meal. Both of us were very satisfied. The place is very clean and I server was very pleasant. I would be back!

Sherri Johnson J.

Love this place!  The short ribs were so flavorful – I think I’ll have to get them every time.  The fried hard boiled egg with tamarind sauce, the ga plow, curry crab, and mango with sticky rice were all delicious.   Casual and inviting environment.  Family run business – they take pride in what they’re doing and make you feel very welcome.

Alana W.

Yummy yummy Thai food that had just open, name Khaosan Really need to come to try!!! Customer services are very nice and funny, also this place are very quiet. Best place to eat with ur family and friend!!!

Elaine X.

I work across the street and I have been waiting for this place to open. I walked over yesterday just to pick up a menu and scope it out. When I was there, a gentleman was there eating lunch and he said, “EAT HERE! I came across this place Monday and have even here everyday since! ” (it was Wednesday) I love spicy Thai food and I got the Tom Yum soup with just extra veggies and it was seriously the best I’ve ever had! They let me customize exactly what I wanted. Extra bean sprouts, extra veggies, and some ground chicken and they made it spicy !!! They were so friendly and I will be back 100%!!! it was so delicious and fresh too. I’ve been told too that the spicy sausage was great!! This place just looks like such an authentic fresh Thai restaurant in Woodland Hills…. Everyone GO!

Natalie E.

The fried rice and pad kee mao were delicious and recommended. The portions aren’t too big, but enough for 1 or 2 people can share 2 plates.

The service was great! They were attentive and food came out quickly.

I’m ready to go back for more and try something else!

Nat P.

Really good authentic Thai food. Absolutely delicious and highly recommended

Devin L.

Enjoyed great service at this cute place would love to come and explore the menu more, the tuna salad and short ribs were a real treat. The barbecue is a very deicious yet simple marinade, the tuna wasnt as fishy as most tuna can taste, but still fresh tasting especially contrasting with the noodles. Lastly, the Khaosan noodles is definitely a go to, it is similar to pad Thai but still very uniwue, its topped with peanuts so if you are like me leave those out. The uniqueness probably stems out from the fact that it has been sprouts, and that the noodles aren’t too fat or skinny they’re a perfect medium. Over all I see a lot of great potential in this spot and will continue to come and try more authentic Thai.

Phamai B.

The food is delicious, and reasonably priced. The service is impeccable. I have been here twice in two weeks.

Leon B.

I ordered 2 dishes. The Khaosan noodles and the curried crab stir fry. The Khaosan noodles are similar to a padthai but with flat noodles. Then we got the curried crab stir fry. HOLY SH*T. I haven’t had curry like this since I had Thai food in Thailand. My mind had completely forgotten about this amazing curry flavor and a flood of memories came back to me from a trip to Asia 15 years ago. I’m definitely going back again. The person who served us said we could also get that curry with any meat. Service was also excellent. Try it now before this place gets too crowded!

Gene L.

If you like Thai food, this restaurant is an absolute “must eat at” spot!  I stumbled on Khaosan when looking for another restaurant, then returned every day for lunch for the rest of the week.  Now I come all the time because, put simply, it’s the best Thai I’ve ever had.  My top reccos are the Kaiy Louk Cuuy, Saiy Ooah, Lahb, and Kahlee, but everything is wonderful and authentic.

Cooper J.

My Thai friend who knows good Thai food and whose family operates different Thai restaurants in Los Angeles recommended this place to me.

What you’ll find is food you would find on the streets of Bangkok after a night of drinking.

I ordered the Khaosan Noodles for “takeaway” tonight.  This noodle dish I ate at home was full of flavor! It looked similar pad thai, but is different and cooked with flat noodles and bean sprouts.  If you want some heat in your food let them know. I ordered “medium” and it was too spicy.

I was told the short ribs, fried chicken, and curry are pretty great as well.

This just might be the only place in the Valley or one of the few places in Los Angeles where you can try legit Bangkok street food. I saw plenty of dishes that I wasn’t too familiar with and dishes that I haven’t seen at other Thai restaurants.

Highly recommended! I already can’t wait to return so I can try more dishes.

Anne A.

To be honest, when I first passed by this placed I thought to myself, not another Thai restaurant. There are already so many Thai food places in the San Fernando valley! However, for whatever reason the street food aspect of it had be intrigued and my curiosity led to me eat here. Let me just say that I was beyond impressed. Khaosan has now become my favorite Thai food place in all of LA. Their food is full of flavor and it’s fresh. I thoroughly enjoyed the gaiy tohd, khaosan noodles w/ shrimp, and beef fried rice. I cannot wait to come here again and try more things!

Sheila A.

Just had the best mussamun of my life. Delicious fat chunks of beef (like pot roast)  instead of the typically tough strips most Thai restaurants serve. Competitive prices. Friendly service. Street parking’s a drag. Will be back.

Tom O.

I dont like thai food in LA,  after eating authentic food in Thailand for past 3 years.  Thai food so Americanized here. Decided to try this new restaurant and ordered for pickup.  Oh my,  love it,  will order again. Food is very close to real thai food.

Elena S.

The food is very flavorful without it being overpowering. Subtle hints of mint, saucy ginger soy glaze and sumptuous yellow curry all greeting you in their street authentic dishes.

Today I had the mussel starter, spicy earthy richness minus the rubbery texture you can get from other places.

The short rib lunch special, comes with rice and salad. The meat was tender and the soy vinaigrette added a nice sweet tang.

The Thai tea brewed every day was smokey and rich, not the liquid candy overly sweet concoction you might run into at other places.

The atmosphere is light and minimalist plenty of natural light for those foodie shots.  Come see for yourself and enjoy.

John Anthony "Tony" M.

I was just in and ordered pad Thai to go…it truly is the best pad Thai I have ever had. My husband and I can’t wait to come back!

Alicia W.

Love the food!!! Fresh, flavorful, nice presentation & good service. My new neighborhood go to!

Rachelle L.

Great new restaurant with fresh food that is delicious! The owner was gracious and they take great pride in their new little restaurant. We loved everything we ordered. Will definitely be back soon

Ani B.

Khaosan is a recently opened Thai restaurant that specializes in “street food”. The restaurant is fairly small, but the vaulted ceilings make the space look much larger. Upon entering we were warmly greeted, and offered a table.

The Thai Tea Lemonade ($3) is a refreshing change of pace from the usual Thai tea. It is Thai tea mixed with lemonade, which boils down a Thai version of an Arnold Palmer.

The Kaiy Louk Cuuy ($4) are two deep fried hard boiled eggs laced in a tangy tamarind sauce, and finished off with fried shallots. The eggs had a little crunch to it, and the egg yolks remained soft. This was a nice way to start off the meal.

The Gaiy Tohd ($6) was a Thai version of fried chicken. Small, bite sized chunks of chicken were fried to a nice golden brown. There is hardly any batter covering the chicken to mask its flavor. The dish is served with a sweet sauce.

The Soam Thahm ($7) was a salad composed of green papaya, green beans, and tomatoes topped with carrots and peanuts. It was served with a zesty lime dressing. Although we ordered it spicy, the dish was very mild in the heat department. This is a nice and refreshing dish.

The Mussamun Curry is a deep, dark brown bowl of goodness. Large chunks of tender beef were lurking under the surface. Large chunks of potatoes were bobbing above the surface. The dish has its roots in the Middle East/Indian culture with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise and cumin usually used in flavoring the dish. Peanuts are also added to provide a nice nuttiness.

The Khaosan Noodles ($9) felt like a take on Pad See Ew. Large, flat rice noodles are mixed with thin soy sauce, bean sprouts, eggs, peanuts, and siracha. Despite the use of siracha, this dish bordered on the slightly sweet.

The Curry Pouch ($4) were thin wontons filled with chicken, curry and potatoes. The pouches were cooked to a nice golden crisp. It was served with a slightly sweet sauce.

The Curried Crab Stir Fry ($12) is almost a must order dish. Ample snow crab claws, and loose chunks of sweet crab meat are covered in a luscious, finger licking good curry sauce. Onions and green peppers are some textural contrast.

The Loh Tee ($3) pairs normally savory roti with sweetened condensed milk, rolled into bite sized goodness. The sweetness is slightly offset by the acidity of the strawberries.

The Durian & Sticky Rice ($5) was among the best durian and sticky rice dishes that I’ve ever had, as the dish was not overly sweet.

Service was friendly and energetic. The owners are very nice people who grew up in Thailand; one of them from Chaing Mai, the food capitol of Thailand. When I am in the area again, I would not hesitate to eat here again.

Veronica P.

Great food, great service. Never empty glass. Make me think of Thailand when I had visited long time ago. Great time, you don’t want to miss this.

Prinya P.

Very tasty, prepared fresh and in just a few minutes – and very pleasant service too! I’ll be back.

Gayle R.

I love this place. They have a unique taste for all of my fav thai dishes. If u go deff try their curried crab stir fry. I tried it for the first time. Instah fave.

Shawna M.

First time stepped by here and surprised me with the green curry chicken. The foods here are amazingly tasty. Especially the green curry chicken, it’s super good. And also must order a Thai tea, it’s the traditional Thai tea, better than any Thai tea you order from other stores.

Edvin D.

I’ve gotten pretty spoiled as far as Thai food goes (my gf is Thai) so it’s hard for me to give any place 5 stars… But this place hits those high standards! The Phat Kee Mao tastes home cooked. The Gaiy Thod is great as well. The sauce it comes with makes it even better. I will definitely be back.

Hector M.

This is my first time to come here. The staffs are very friendly. Very good services! Food are delicious. I will definitely come back again. Highly recommend for their food.

Ping Yu L.

I wish I had the ability to string a bunch of nouns, verbs and adjectives together to express my love for this place. Honestly, food in Los Angeles is soooo good these days it’s hard to be moved by anything, but for me, this place just did it. Thank you Pam!! I strongly recommend their food!

Jay H.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the grilled octopus was cooked! It was super tender and it came with this verde spicy dipping sauce. I would totally order this again! Based on the yelpers recommendation, we also ordered the khaosan noodles with beef and fried chicken. Both aren’t your typical Thai dishes. The noodles are garlicky and more on the sweet side. It’s missing a spicy component though. The fried chicken was def different. I like the crispy outer layer.

Rosana C.

Restaurant was clean and modern. Presentation of food was beautiful. Pam, our server, was extremely sweet. My boyfriend likes spicy and they delivered! I would come here again!

Chelsea D.

Excellent Thai food! Can’t get enough of their oxtail soup. Tried their curried crab stir fry tonight….very tasty! Can’t go wrong with anything from the menu. Service was top notch. Very attentive.

Janice P.

This place is the bomb!!
We have been here three times and they have only been open for about a month.
The second time we came the owner/hostess said “welcome back”. She actually remembered what we ordered the last time!
This is our new favorite Thai restaurant.

Jill P.

First of all i love the name of the restaurant “Khao San” mean rice in Thai. I ordered chicken bbq taste just like in Thailand. Thai iced tea a little bit too sweet for me. And I ordered gaeng leung with fish which normally comes with potato and onion but this one is real authentic southern style gaeng leung, spicy with sour bamboo shoots yumm! Definitely order again. Thank you for the amazing food and service.

Pailin L.

19801 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364


M-F 11a-9p, Sa-Su 12p-9p



smaller portions
affordable prices
wide variety